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Being an NRI and facing legal matters in India can be overwhelming. Don’t let distance create legal hurdles in India. M&M Law Partners offers trusted Law Firm Services specifically designed for NRIs. Our experts guide you through property rights, inheritance, taxation, and business ventures. We handle legalities efficiently, ensuring a smooth experience. Choose the best Law Firm Services for your NRI needs.


Real estate transactions may cause discomfort for a lot of people. With M&M Law Partners, we certify to protect the interests of both buyers and sellers. We ensure transparency, accountability, and efficiency in the real estate industry. We offer support to real estate developers, investors, agents, allottees, financial institutions, and industry associations under the Regulation and Development Act 2016.


Our services aim to educate consumers about insurance products and practices, mediate insurance-related disputes, and ensure that insurance companies and producers comply with relevant laws and regulations. Sign up with us to avail insurance-related services. We will be more than happy to sit, answer and explain any queries that you have.



You can come to us for assistance anytime you face any financial problems. We will handle everything from contacting the party to whom the cheque was written, to settling up with the bank to cover any fees. You just have to sit back and relax while we make sure that the cheque is being delivered or collected properly.


During difficult times, we will stand by your side and carry out the necessary actions to review and distribute the deceased’s assets, according to their will or if there is no will, the state law. We pay our respect to the deceased by making sure that their properties and assets are allocated as per their wishes.



Any discrepancies caused by the will of a deceased person will be handled with professionalism by the M&M Law Partners. We will handle any issues related to the will in the best way possible to ensure that justice is served.



Following the Probate, we also aid in taking control of and disposing of the estate of a deceased person. This can be challenging when there is no proper will, but with our expertise, be sure of distributing the deceased’s estate according to the law or their wishes, as outlined in their will.


Isn’t it frustrating to keep hearing that you will get your money back but you don’t receive it? Well, we assist creditors in recovering outstanding debts from debtors. It’s not fair for creditors to have to beg to get their money back. With us by your side, we will help you take the necessary legal actions.


Before taking any legal action in a court of law, our mediation service providers facilitate a negotiation process between the disputing parties. Our team has undergone rigorous training to provide creative solutions, persistent follow-ups, and cost-effective alternatives. Rely on us to help you reach a mutually acceptable resolution with the support of law firm attorneys. 


Filing a divorce can be heavy and emotional. We hold hands with our clients during this time and walk them through the entire process, by taking care of the legal requirements, filing the necessary paperwork, negotiating settlements, and representing the client in court if necessary. Our experienced divorce attorney can help clients ensure they receive a fair judgment.



This service encompasses a range of activities aimed at helping parents navigate the complexities of child custody disputes. We work to ensure that the parents are well-informed and represented throughout the process while keeping the child’s best interests in mind. A fair conclusion will be made specifying the roles and responsibilities of each of the parent.



If you are starting a business or a company and are unsure of the legal procedures and documentations to be followed, then we are the perfect guide for you. Our service encompasses a wide range of legal activities aimed at ensuring the smooth operation of the corporation, compliance with legal requirements, and protection of the corporation’s interests.

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Opting for M&M Law Partners Brings Several Benefits:

Specialized NRI Legal Assistance: Get expert help with property, inheritance, and taxation matters tailored for NRIs.

Rera Compliance Assurance: Trust in transparent and efficient real estate transactions under Rera.
Efficient Financial Dispute Resolution: Swift resolution of cheque bounce cases and debt recovery hassles.
Comprehensive Probate and Estate Solutions: Navigate probate and estate matters smoothly with compassionate support.
Professional Will Services: Ensure legal validity and resolve will-related challenges professionally.
Mediation and Conflict Resolution: Resolve disputes amicably through trained mediation services.
Comprehensive Legal Support: From divorce to corporate matters, receive comprehensive legal assistance.
Client-Centric Approach: Enjoy personalized guidance and support throughout the legal process.


What Does Law Firm Services Provide?
  • ​M&M Law Partners stand out as the best in providing a wide array of legal services, including litigation, corporate law, family law, real estate, intellectual property, and more.


How to Choose the Best Law Firm for Divorce?
  •  Choosing M&M Law Partners ensures the best representation for divorce cases. With their extensive experience in family law, stellar reputation, positive client reviews, high success rate, and personalized attention, they are the top choice for handling divorce matters.


How Do Law Firms Work Services In India?
  • ​M&M Law Partners operate with unparalleled expertise, providing top-notch legal services to individuals, businesses, and organizations in India. Their team of specialized lawyers collaborates seamlessly to address clients’ diverse legal needs effectively.


What Is The Best Quality Of A Lawyer?
  • ​The best quality of a lawyer is exemplified by M&M Law Partners’ commitment to providing competent, ethical, and effective representation. They excel in communication, understanding clients’ requirements, and navigating complex legal issues with skill and diligence.


Which Is The Best Law Firm Service In Delhi And Gurugram?
  •  ​ ​Without a doubt, M&M Law Partners emerge as the best law firm Service in Delhi and Gurugram. They are highly specialized and are highly reputed  stellar reputation, glowing client testimonials, and impressive track record, they are the premier choice for legal representation in the region.


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